Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first hat;

I recently decided that it might be a good idea to maybe learn some knitting techniques ...and well it turns out I have been doing it wrong for the last 5 months...which is worrying as I managed to pass the first year of my textiles degree with it.
So here we have my first pieces of correctly done knitting! yay! This is a woollen tuque I designed myself , I did admittedly consult Dorcas Robertson, fashion designer turned graffiti knitter (she said she would beat me if I didn't credit her.)

I was going to follow a pattern to make this hat but due to the fact my head is so big that if i ever go to the U.S I could claim it was a new state, this wasn't possible, so I guessed it all and it worked out pretty well. I'm in the process of writing the pattern up for it and will post it on here, so if you feel the desire to make your very own striped "man-with-hat" tuque you can!

Reading this back I have realised how much I fail... god that is depressing... :)

p.s. Thanks to Rikki .C for designing the sexy ass man-with-hat logo! Holla at my boy, as it were...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jam sandwiches 3

ght, it is that time again, when the boredom takes hold and the stupidity rains! so with that in mind here we have a jam sandwich encased in jelly yum...